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Keep Stumbling...

musings, mumblings, and more

1 August 1985


About Me
My name is Sydney and I live in central Iowa with my husband and our cat, Ginny. I am a teacher, musician, and writer attempting to better my writing skills and to continue to find published homes for my written works.
Where to Read My Writing
Key Publications Magazine: Volume II Issue II

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All resource credits can be found at d_ambiguity. The text on my header came from Merriam-Webster Online. Thank you!

90s sitcoms, a fine frenzy, adam pascal, alison krauss, ancient things, archaeology, augustana college, autumn, avenue q, bad movies, baking, being an aunt, bicycling, big bang theory, blake lewis, blends, bones, bram stoker, buffy the vampire slayer, charles ives, charles schulz, chelsea handler, chilaquiles, chris colfer, coldplay, concerts, cookies, cooking, crappy tv, dane cook, daniel tosh, dark chocolate, darren criss, daydreaming, dexter, diet mountain dew, dracula, duffy, dusk, edvard munch, exercising, facebook, family, flyleaf, food network, friends, gelato, get fuzzy, ghosts, ginny weasley, glee, gmail, green, hans holzer, hanson, harry potter, harry/ginny shipping, himym, horror, horror novels, house, iowa, italy, j.k. rowling, jaymay, jeff dunham, jim gaffigan, jimmy buffett, kelly clarkson, la vie boheme, lady gaga, laughing, lightbulb moments, making a difference, making icons, making music, maria mena, memories, mitch hedberg, morningwood, movies, mst3k, music, musicals, my husband, nanowrimo, nathaniel hawthorne, nickel creek, orchestra, pablo picasso, peanuts, perez hilton, photoshop, project runway, quality tv, queer as folk, reading, reni laine, rent, richard matheson, rome, ron weasley, ron white, satc, short stories, snoopy, stand-up comedy, starkid, stephen king, stephen lynch, taking pictures, talking, teaching, the cardigans, the great pumpkin, the music man, the producers, the veronicas, the weasley family, thoroughly modern millie, tinted windows, top chef, true blood, u2, unexpected inspiration, vampires, violin, vodka tonics, wine, writing, zoetrope